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August 20, 2020

GamersHype Supporter Tokens

Supporter Tokens are aimed at generating funds to help further develop GamersHype games as well as earn their owners exclusive rewards.

Tokens will go on sale on AtomicHub starting at 12 Noon EST Thursday 20th August. The first sale will be a round of 50 Tokens (mint 51 – 100) at a price of 1,000 Wax while the second round will take place on Friday 21st August at 12 Noon EST and will see mints 2 – 50 go on sale for 1,500 Wax.

Once all tokens have been sold a snapshot will be taken and one lucky Token holder will win mint 1 while two more lucky winners will win 1,000 wax each. This will be done randomly on our Telegram group at https://t.me/gamershype

Supporter Tokens will randomly drop items including:

  1. Box Maze 2 – Agent Cubert Steam codes.
  2. Random NFT drops to holders (This can include NFTs from other brands such as GPK, BCH, Kogs, Chibis and so forth).
  3. Steam DLC codes for GamersHype releases.
  4. Early Access to all future GamersHype Steam releases with NFT rewards. (a new RPG style game is already in the works).
  5. Limited early variants of GamersHype nfts such as Zombified Cubert (Season 2 Box Maze Cards).
  6. Periodic giveaways of AAA Steam game titles such as GTA V.
  7. Special GamersHype.Social badges and GPoints.
  8. Verified profile on GamersHype.Social.
  9. Author Access to GamersHype.Social which allows you to submit content that earns you GPoints and exclusive NFTs.
  10. Your name in GamersHype Supporter Hall of Fame.
  11. More to come!

If you haven’t yet come join us on Telegram https://t.me/gamershype

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